Catalog Description 

ECE 443 Distributed Processing and Control Networks (3 cr)

This course has three major parts: real-time computing, distributed processing, and control networks. Analysis of hardware and software performance with respect to speed, accuracy, and reliability. Investigation of ways of maximizing the three essential processor resources: memory, CPU time, and input/output. Methods for writing error free programs and designing fault tolerant computing systems.

Prereq: ECE 340, ECE 341, ECE 350, and ECE 351


Dr. J's Description 

This is an advanced course on the design of distributed processing systems. We focus on the development of large and complex software systems that can be modularized and distributed across multiple tasks and/or processors using a variety of communication mechanisms.

It is a fast-paced, project-intensive design course with lots of programming and time in the lab. Think microcontrollers on steroids. We start where the introductory course finished and go full-bore, pedal to the metal, until the semester ends. If ECE 340/341 didn't sit well with you, then this is not a good course for you!