EE 540 Asynchronous Circuit Design (Fall 2012)

All assignments are due at the start of class on the specified due date. Each assignment should have your name, the course number, the date, and the assignment designation (e.g., HW1, P2, etc.). Video students: Your assignments are due by 5 pm PST the day after the specified due date. No extensions without prior arrangements.

Reading Assignments

Homework (30%)

Homework problems will typically be graded on a 5-point scale. It is up to each student to check their work against the posted solutions.

  1. Aug 27
  2. Sep 5
  3. Sep 12
  4. Sep 19
  5. Sep 26
  6. Oct 1
  7. Oct 8
  8. Nov 5

Projects (30%)

There will be three project delivery dates, worth a total of 150 points.

  1. Sep 19 Project Proposal. (20 points)
  2. Oct 31 Project Status Report. (50 points)
  3. Dec 10 Project Final Report (80 points)

Exams (40%)

Please bring your own paper, a calculator, and pencil to each exam.

There will be two semester exams, each worth 100 points.

  1. Oct 10.
  2. Nov 14.

Lecture Notes

Reference Material