VLSI Information



  1. Windows LASI (free)
  2. L-Edit (Student Edition is cheap)
  3. Dsch and Microwind (free)
  4. Electric from Static Free Software (and book) (cheap)
  5. WinSPICE (free)
  6. 5Spice Analysis (includes schematic capture)
  7. LTSpice and Tools from Linear Technology (a venerable cornucopia!) (free)
  8. B2SPICE A/D (lite version is free, standard is cheap)
  10. Micro-Cap (not cheap)
  11. PSpice (student edition free, but limited) and PSpice for Dummies



  1. The MOSIS Microelectronics Prototyping Service
  2. MOSIS Scalable CMOS (SCMOS) Design Rules (MOSIS site) (one-page summary)
  3. Mentor Graphics HEP Tech Support Page
  4. Cadence Tutorials: NCSU, Oklahoma State, and Virginia Tech
  5. ASICs ... the website
  6. IBM Semiconductor Technology 101
  7. Semiconductor Glossary
  8. Intel Manufacturing Process
  9. Sample Interview Questions
  10. Circuit Designer Job Description
  11. European Space Agency
  12. VLSI and ASIC Technology Standard Cell Library Design