James F. Frenzel

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Idaho

BEL 213, PO Box 441023

Moscow, Idaho 83844-1023

Dept: 208-885-6554

Dept Fax: 208-885-7579

Office (GJL 207): 208-885-7532


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Spring 2014

ECE 292 – Sophomore Seminar

ECE 340/341 – Microcontrollers and Lab

ECE 440 - Digital Systems Engineering

ECE 480/482 - Computer Engineering Senior Design

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Jim has been at the University of Idaho since 1990, where he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. In a prior life, he was a tiny cog in the Big Blue Machine and a Cameron Crazie. He is active in the Computer Engineering Program, an affiliate faculty member of both the Microelectronic Research and Communications Institute and the National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology, and an adjunct faculty member of the Neuroscience Program. When not teaching, he often could be found on the pitch, coaching youth soccer for Moscow United.

Past Courses

Read Jim's Teaching Evaluations. Forewarned is forearmed: caveat emptor! Counterpoint: A happy customer!


ECE 240/241 - Digital Logic and Lab

ECE 340/341 – Microcontrollers and Lab

ECE 349 - Background Study in Digital Computer Fundamentals

ECE 440 - Digital Systems Engineering

ECE 445 - Intro to VLSI Design


BS, Physics, Bucknell University, 1981

MS., Electrical Engineering, Duke University, 1983

PhD, Electrical Engineering, Duke University, 1989

Research Interests

Applications of genetic algorithms; VLSI testing and fault-tolerant computing; algorithms, architectures, and circuits for efficient solution of problems in communications, image processing, and signal processing.

Industrial Experience

1983-1990 Staff Engineer, IBM Corp., Research Triangle Park, NC.

Professional Activities

Dr. Frenzel is a member of the IEEE and a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Idaho. He has served as a referee for NSF, IEEE journals, and various professional conferences.

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