David H. Atkinson, Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering

[David H. Atkinson] Professor

email: David.H.Atkinson@jpl.nasa.gov

My Curriculum Vitae
PhD Thesis (595 pages)
Research Papers

ESA Article (01 June 2007)
Scientists now know exactly how Huygens made its way to the surface of Titan. The trajectory reconstruction
is the culmination of two years of effort and is particularly valuable for a correct interpretation of the
observations from all six scientific investigations on board.

Endeavour's Last Flight, Moffett Field, 21 Sept 2012 (88MB)
KCBS Interview (Dec. 2005)
Huygens Interview (Jan. 2010)
ABC News Galileo Summary, January, 1996
DTWG Summary, 2007
Mike Bird, DWE Summary (Jan. 2010)
Systems Engineering (Gentry Lee/JPL)
Saturn Probes
Palatine Slides

Covariant Formulation of Electromagnetics
(Leonard Susskind, Stanford University)
Code of Ethics

Academic Integrity

IEEE Code of Ethics (2015)
NSPE Code of Ethics

International Planetary Probe Workshops

MHS RISE Video, Spring 2008
MHS RISE: First Four Launches (2010)

Saturn Probe Papers and Posters

Decadal Survey Whitepaper 2009:
"Entry Probe Missions to the Giant Planets"

* Outer Planets Assessment Group

* Huygens Public Outreach Newsletters

* The Nine Planets

* Astronomy Picture of the Day

* The Sky in Motion (Click on Playlist on left hand side)

* "Elizabeth Kolawa (JPL) Extreme Environments Presentation (28 M)"

* "NASA Space Exploration Vision" (5.4MB)

* Interesting Papers

Lead the Leaders

The Real Reason We Explore Space (Mike Griffin, 2007)

PAET (1973, 6MB)

Planetary Mission Entry Vehicles

Huygens Data and Document Archive

"Robert Iran Interview", KRFP, 28 June 2009

"Not On the Test" (Tom Chapin)

Mills, 1973

"The Diploma"

"Branca Throws....."

"Field of Dreams"

"Wonderful World"

"Baseball vs. Football (MPG, 11.5 MB)"

"Baseball vs. Football (AVI, 11.5 MB)"

"Wonderful World" (Video)

"Over the Rainbow"

"Univ of Idaho, June 10, 2008 (.avi file, 4MB)"

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